Wednesday, December 5, 2012

one benefit of being away...

Yesterday afternoon, i indulged myself, and it felt GOOD!  I was drinking champagne and catching up on half a week's blog posts.

Sometimes weeks go by without much new stuff too read -- sad for me, a reading junkie!  Not that there isn't a lot of good older articles in the archives of my favorite blogs, but somehow "dried fruit" isn't as compelling to me as the fresh juicy stuff (figuratively speaking).  When Peter, John, Emily or Mike writes about a study that's hot off the presses, and which confirms my low-carb bias, the sweet smell of victory fills the air!  :-D  And as for "think-pieces" from Sid or Wooo....

Being as incommunicado as i am in "cowboy town" gives me an exceptional opportunity of reading new stuff when i get back in range of a secure internet connection.  In the wilds there, i depend on my Blackberry, and though my Verizon connection is better than the old AT&T one, it's still VERY iffy.  Holding an audible telephone conversation isn't a sure thing, and when it comes to loading a page with too many pictures ... HA!

So getting back home i had a wealth of fresh blog posts and articles to read -- hurrah!  My favorite reading chair was burdened for HOURS.

I've long believed in the power of reading for encouragement and reinforcement in "dieting," and there was a post at Mike Eades' blog (which eludes me, now that i'm trying to find it) that gave a good scientific reason for continuing my habit.  These days i'm so confirmed in what works and what doesn't i don't really HAVE to get continued reassurance that whatever practice i'm pursuing actually WILL pay off ... but i must say i like the positive input anyway!


  1. I have been catching up on my reading this week, too. Every time either of the venerated Peters posts, it takes a bit of time to read them.

  2. and i usually have to read their postings at least twice to digest them properly. :-) does this mean i lack digestive enzymes in my brain????

  3. ha ha, I feel like I have complete blog-resistance of the brain when I read Peter D's most recent postings.

    1. it was the middle of his "protons" series where i went all glassy-eyed.... now that he's tied that stuff together, it makes more sense to me. :-)

  4. Replies
    1. i don't know! hope she's okay ... she just posted a little while ago!

  5. I got lost in the middle of Peter's series but the last 5 or so posts have been really clear and I was like AHA! so that's what it all means. ;)