Sunday, December 23, 2012

defending your ... sanity

If you've never seen the movie "Defending Your Life," i recommend it heartily.  It's the story of what happens in one man's afterlife, and although Albert Brooks' whining gets old really fast, some of the comic touches more than make up for it.  I also think that Meryl could have done a lot better for herself....

The "Judgement Hall of Osiris" gets a new twist in this flick.  With the help of an advocate, the recently-dead individual needs to demonstrate a certain degree of personal growth.  We are told that when we become sufficiently intelligent, we don't have to reincarnate ON EARTH anymore -- we go on to a different place where we'll continue to evolve, then move on to another place and so on.  When we start using more of our brains, we don't WANT to be here any longer.

I think i've been on this planet one life too many.  Accidentally overhearing the "news" programs my husband watches -- that is, the rampant flaunting-of-stupidity of those trying to mold public opinion -- leaves me astonished and nauseated.  I feel surrounded by self-absorbed idiocy.  How CAN people be so illogical?

I'm inclined to blame the carbs.  ;-)

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