Saturday, December 29, 2012

ONLY eat more carbs ...

...IF you plan to burn them off with exercise NOW.  This is one of the lessons i'm taking away from my vacation experience.

While i was stoically trudging up and down the hills of Seattle, the rice and potatoes i ate didn't seem to mess me up.  I'd hike all around after the breakfast that included hash-browns (because no lone omelette is big enough to sate me except the ones at Billie's!), and before and after lunch/dinner (which sometimes included dessert) as well, in order to try different wonderful restaurants in the area.  I vowed to myself to bring along a pedometer on all future trips during which i expect to do a lot of walking, just to satisfy my curiosity.

My jeans didn't fit any differently till we got on the train to return home, and i continued the potato-and-rice-including regimen without putting in the mileage.  My ability to delay meals markedly declined, as well as "muscle energy."  I felt generally less resilient, and distinctly more gassy.  Trying to carry luggage up the steep narrow rail-car stairways caused my knees to refuse to straighten.

Back at home, i won't be getting as much or the same kind of exercise.  Walking on the flats around my neighborhood with the dog won't give me the same kind of workout i got last week -- for which my back will be grateful!  Climbing the countless stairs that i do at home doesn't compare, either.  Even if i cared to continue the higher-carb diet (which i DON'T!) i couldn't justify it through energy expenditure, and WOULD gain fat on it.

Exercise like a mad person just so i could eat these bland foodstuffs???  Gag!  I'm a hedonist!  I want my rack of lamb ... which, coincidentally enough, is for dinner tonight!

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