Tuesday, December 11, 2012

proud to present anecdotes!

Ya know ... an awful lot of writers/bloggers, amateur and professional, make a big point of sneering at anecdotes and proclaiming that THEIR point of view is the correct one because they have SCIENCE on their side!!!  There are a few problems with that:

  • one can design a study that will "prove" anything one bloody well pleases;
  • the proclaimers get all nearsighted when accosted with a study that "proves" the opposite;
  • just because it works on genetically-modified mice does not mean it will apply to humans;
  • due to genetic and time/damage-wrought variations in humans, we can each react very differently to ANY stimulus.
My thought is that the only evidence at all credible, inspiring me to try something new with THIS body, IS anecdotal.  Reports of clinical success work too.

...Because ideal macronutrient ratios are different between rats and mice, let alone us.

...Because studies often use human subjects who are young, whole, and uncomplicated -- not the middle-aged, menopausal and carbohydrate-intolerant.

...Because the sometimes-arbitrary conditions of laboratory studies don't necessarily match real-world situations.

"Science" can be very good at pinning down mechanisms and processes once they're identified, but until they are, conducting studies can just confuse the poor myopic plodders who do things like feed, exercise and test nocturnal animals during the daytime.

So -- sorry -- claims of scientific evidence are not a clinching argument, but rather a starting point for enquiry into ways and means.  You may feel your study is definitive, but until you can show that it works in real people under normal circumstances, it doesn't actually MEAN diddly-squat.


  1. Its almost comical to watch the tortured logic spin over these success stories. Like Dr. Attia being 40lbs overweight, working out three hours a day while eating lowfat carbs. Now he works out less, eats more calories in the form of healthy fats, but just lowering the carbs has virtually defied the CICO physics by shedding the 40lbs. Majic! I suppose the naysayers just think these ppl are flat out lying. Its a mysterious mystery what goes on between thier ears.

  2. people (and that includes "entities" like medical associations) seem to get so invested in their notions that they can't even entertain the idea they could be wrong. :-( the REALLY SAD part is the younger generation of obesity researchers [cough] just carrying on from where their seniors left off.