Tuesday, October 23, 2012

vacation ... from supplements!

While packing i lined up all the little bottles and jars on the bathroom counter ... and decided to leave most of them there!  It will be interesting to see if i miss any of them.

The only things i brought along were my thyroid glandular, betaine HCl, melatonin and coconut-oil capsules.  I intend to eat plenty of seafood in NOLA, so i expect that my mineral requirements will be met well, and the betaine is along for the purpose of helping me digest them as best i can.  The coconut oil is an emergency fuel, in case my meals end up too light in fat -- it may sound funny, but when i eat away from home it's known to happen!

It'll only be a week -- i think i'll survive!  ;-)


  1. I went ahead and ordered some pemmican from uswm after an out town experience/emergency where I was at a hospital for a week. No fat on any menu! Ended up fasting most of the time anyway, but pemmi bars will be my travel pal from here on out. Hope you have a GREAT TIME! YaY!!!! Any hope for some vaca-pics? :)

  2. maybe! :-) coincidentally, the "voodoo fest" is happening in NOLA this weekend.... please, tell me how you enjoy the pemmican -- i've never tasted it.