Monday, October 22, 2012

a good practice

Last night, my new fencing jacket and shoes got their initiation, and it turned out WELL.   I didn't have as much knee pain as when i tested out the Vibrams.  My "muscular energy" seemed good, which implies that all the little energy-factories were chugging along happily burning fats/ketones ... or whatever they wanted to burn.  My "rate-limiting" parameters were that i was functioning on less-than-optimal sleep, and that i'm old and out of shape.  ;-)  And i sweated like a pig!  Good workout!

This morning i WAS a bit stiff!  I drank my morning java in a very hot bath, and now i can feel that i worked my legs and right arm, and various torso muscles.  It's too bad i won't have a chance to do it again for a week and a half, but my twice-delayed trip will interfere.  I'll just have to make myself do series-es (what IS the plural of series?) of advances, retreats, lunges and ballestras to remind my legs of their new responsibilities, and to work on the tightness in my right shoulder which i don't remember being an issue when i fenced before.

I'm not fooling myself about improving my "game" very much -- i'm not expecting to take the senior fencing world by storm!  :-)  But as Mark has always pointed out, getting exercise is not nearly as beneficial if it's a chore rather than PLAY ... as it ought to be!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much I love ballet class yet my mind gives me excuses not to go. I am able to turn it off now and not buy into the excuses and once I get to class there is no where I would rather be. I do not like to go to the ballet it bores me to death. But taking class is exciting and challenging after over 20 years of taking 4 to 5 times a week. I cannot even imagine having to go to a form of exercise that I did not absolutely love. Glad to hear you have found an interesting and challenging physical exercise as well.

  2. i wish i had gotten into dance when i was young; when i finally tried it, it was "too late." ;-) i was fencing 30 years ago and loved it, but we moved and i was unable to make contact with a good group in the new place. ...that's how we drop out of activities, even when we would prefer to continue!