Friday, October 19, 2012

balancing those low-calorie days

I accidentally "under-ate" on Wednesday, so as i was dozing off to sleep with my stomach growling that night, i promised myself a high-calorie count the next day, to confuse my metabolism.  So yesterday, i ate significantly more -- and unfortunately, i seem to have overshot the fibre mark again.  I feel like i have a rock in my gut.

It's not easy to balance a diet when one has food sensitivities, metabolic challenges, and special nutritional requirements!  Some days (the low-energy kind), i don't blame people who say "the hell with it" and send out for pizza!  Eat like the pyramid says, do what the doctor says and take those yummy statins, forget improving your life and sit on that sofa with a bag of chips and a coke watching the latest popular reality show....

NO.  Even when i feel crummy, i've got way too much stubbornness to cave it!  Not to mention, popular television bores the hell out of me.  And i f'ing HATE pringles.

Mercifully, my husband is coming back in town tonight, and i can look forward to being babied around a bit.  He asked what he can cook for me this weekend -- i need to decide!  :-D  No salads or high-fibre veggies, that's for sure.  Maybe meatloaf -- he does that REALLY well.


  1. go for bbq pork steaks, as long as he's doing the heavy lifting.