Thursday, October 25, 2012

two days on the road

Safely arrived in Houston (during rush-hour) last night -- my timing could have been a lot better!  :-)  I took the long route, so i could drop in on a friend in Kansas and hand-deliver her Halloween gifts.  Until i arrived here, i didn't eat anything really evil, but what i took in the car could have been better (like my timing); i've felt waterlogged for 36 hours.  Highway + ham + cheese = mistake.

Last night's dinner was wickeder (!) than it should have been too, but i was HUNGRY.  As i'm still feeling puffy, i'll fast on creamed coffee till dinnertime -- tonight it's a lovely pot-roast i brought with me.  That doesn't mean i'm not doing some cooking during the day, though; i'll be making a couple of different low-carb breads and a batch of almond butter, ... and anything else i can think of to tempt the grandkiddos' appetites.

To my delight, my daughter wants to go wheat-free!  :-D  She's taken to buying real butter and whole milk, and making every effort to choose the best versions of what processed foods they still use.  They're a busy young family, and i sure don't blame her for not doing everything from scratch!  It's too bad we live so far apart, as i could easily make larger batches of what i concoct and share them....

So the short time i'm in town, i'll be baking.  Not just the coconut bread L asked for, but my signature hazelnut bread (unfortunately, i forgot the chia seeds) ... and i think i'll make some cookies!

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