Monday, October 1, 2012

carbs and thyroids -- a challenge

My diet took a hit last week while my husband was working from home.  I'm not blaming him, mind you!  I simply find it harder to "behave" when we're eating out so much, and i'm also likely to have a glass or two of wine more than i should.  I consume dairy more often, too.

I woke up this morning sluggish and cold:  what does this mean, kids?  Very good -- something in the last week has either dampened my thyroid activity, or caused me to need more than i can readily produce!  Since yesterday's diet contained few carbs, metabolizing those shouldn't be the problem.  I haven't been neglecting my thyroid-supporting supplements.  My stress levels HAVE been a little higher than usual.  The weather has been on the damp side too, so candida/mold/yeast can be brought in for questioning*.  It's time to do everything right, so as to start hitting on all eight again.  That means ZC, low allergens, and limiting wine and spirits.

Now, sloppy-evidence-based science will sneer at my n1 conclusion, but ever since that evening when i had the first good-sized serving of carbs (rice) after my pure-diet January, and i woke up the next morning feeling chilly, i've been convinced that increasing carbs does NOT help to optimize thyroid function.  On the contrary -- my reading since then has made it quite clear that the more carbs in the diet, the more hormone the body needs to metabolize it.  In a euthroid individual, the body just cranks out more.  In me, it can't meet the demand, and i get hypo symptoms.

When "normal" people have been on a calorie-reduced diet (of any kind) and their thyroids have slowed down as a result, they WILL get higher function when they add more carbs, but THIS ISN'T FOR THE REASON THEY THINK IT IS.  Well, let them eat carbs till the cows come home if they want to -- but people with thyroid problems similar to mine should look on their recommendations with skepticism!!!

Extrapolating from the euthyroid population into the "suboptimal" group is just plain WRONG.  It causes us to put more stress onto our bodies than we can handle.  If you're hypo, i urge you to test yourself in the food-elimination way -- go VLC for a month, then give yourself a good jolt of rice or potatoes some evening.  See if you wake up with symptoms....
*  yes, i've been reading detective fiction again....

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