Monday, October 8, 2012

mistaken dietary ideas

I was reading along in Dr. B.G.'s blog this morning when the lightbulb went on over my head.  Forgive me for getting excited about such an elementary revelation, but after all it IS monday....

BTW, happy Thanksgiving, Canada!  :-)  Eat something "evil" for me!

Back to where i was before i so rudely interrupted myself:  ...she was talking about a paleo diet improving health markers even in the absence of weight loss, when my brain woke up a bit upon seeing the H-word.  There's nothing like having a chronic problem, for sharpening up the eye-to-brain circuits, allowing even a similar-LOOKING word to bringing the mind to attention.  Yep, she DID say "hypothyroidism," not something similar-but-not-to-the-point.

She listed it as a contributor to chronic high insulin.  Since thyroid hormone has, as one of its many jobs, that of helping to escort glucose into cells for burning as energy, it makes sense that a shortage would allow too much sugar to lurk in the bloodstream, necessitating more pancreatic effort to clear it.  Could this be the MAIN reason hypothyroids have trouble losing weight, because YOU CAN'T BURN FAT IN THE PRESENCE OF SIGNIFICANT INSULIN?  Could it be that the lowered metabolism infamous in hypothyroidism is pretty much moot?  Remember how Wooo showed that metabolic rate isn't broadly correlated with fat burning/storing?

Hypothyroid people have been as misled as diabetics, concerning how they should nourish themselves! The way you can boost thyroid levels in "normal" people is NOT a good guide for OPTIMIZING thyroid production in those of us who are thus challenged!

OUR goal should be to reduce our NEED for higher thyroid levels!!!  An' ya wanna know what makes us require more hormone?  One big thing is the same substance that makes people need more insulin.  Another thing is stress.  Be nice to yourself.  (Eat bacon ... not safe starches.  OR fruit.)


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    1. ... of :-) now that she's come down firmly in favor of low-carb, i'm adding her to my blog list.

  2. Oh, but she still has questionable blogs on her list ;-) (did someone say the p word? Progesterone?)

    1. i'm still feeling wishy-washy about progesterone! what's your thought?