Sunday, October 7, 2012

"processed" ain't the problem

...SPECIFICS are.  Processed WHAT?  Yesterday i spent an hour "processing" the eggs which my raw-milk lady brings me ... into deviled eggs.  Know what?  They're better now.  They contain more fat (coconut and avocado oils from the home-made mayo) and salt than they did before, and they're delicious.

So when people lay the blame on the refined-ness of the modern diet, they're aiming at the gun-hand of the man-shaped target down there at the end of the shooting range, not the target that's more likely to TAKE OUT the opponent.  The problem is not refining the wheat, it's eating the wheat in the first place.  The problem is not the canola oil (or corn, or soybean, or....), it's trying to make an "edible" out of a lubricant!

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