Friday, October 12, 2012

doing it wrong, yet again....

I'm starting to have a real problem with another resident of the blogosphere....

If people want to give low-carbing a REAL chance to benefit themselves, they do it in a manner recommended by the "experts" -- you know, those with real experience.  If they want to "debunk" any part of the system, they design their own diet.  AND THEY ALWAYS DO IT THE WRONG WAY.

Might as well be goddamned politicians, the way they bend right and wrong....


  1. Its just the worn out matrix Tess. Keep taking the red pill and sharing and showing! You lead by example ;)

  2. lol -- me lead? no, i just get disillusioned by "authority" and go my own direction, and if anybody else thinks that's a good direction too, i'm pleased to have company. :-)

    ...but all my pills shade from white to dirty-brown -- except the benedryl, which is a pink i haven't seen on anything else since the '60s!

  3. As long as you avoid the blue ,,, never ever take the blue or you can never leave the rabbit hole! We like the really for real reality.

    1. well, SOMETIMES we do.... :-) in this political season, a trip through the looking glass actually sounds attractive.

      btw, X, if you don't write (for public consumption) you SHOULD -- i'm enjoying your sense of humor.