Thursday, October 4, 2012

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I'm all excited -- i checked out a fencing club in this area, and it looks like the people there will be fun to play with, so i ordered myself a new jacket this morning.  WOOOOOHOO!  :-)  I'm gonna fence again!

This sport was my LIFE when i lived in Oklahoma the first time.  Of course, that was also THIRTY years ago!  I know i'm going to have to baby my knee around; it's distinctly possible that when i fenced before, i predisposed Ralph to the injury i'm suffering with now.  A fencer's knee on the sword-arm side takes a lot of strain if s/he isn't careful.  I'm grateful that my original coaches were very picky about how we moved, otherwise i could be in worse shape.

This is the incentive i need to do my bike-tabatas regularly!  Yoga, too.  Fencing is an asymmetrical activity -- it's important to balance out.  When i did it before, is when i first added weights to my fitness routine.  ...Boy, does it seem like a long time ago!

A few days ago, i ordered and read (thanks be to Kindle for PC) that "low-carb performance" book.  Truth be told, i found it disappointing and lacking in useful content.  It seemed to be written to convince a "CW athlete" that LC is possible, not to give helpful advice to a low-carber.  But i'll go back and see if i can glean some actual tips....

It will be interesting to see how my body does the old moves with an entirely different fuel system.  Then, i was in the full throes of a high-carb diet -- our whole club was -- the first book i owned on nutrition was "Eat of Win"!  I'm wondering if ginger- or licorice-root tea will be the best thing to put in my water bottle?  Hmmmm.


I've been waking up with a headache the past couple of days.  I can't tell if it's caused by allergy or posture or oxygen shortage caused by covering my eyes with a pillow to keep light out.  However, it's an incentive to finally spring for the light-excluding window shades i've been thinking about for awhile. I tried a sleep-mask, but it makes me all sweaty about the eyes and nose, and i hate that!

Otherwise, i'm getting back to normal at last.  I vow, WHEN we go out for meals next week ('cause it's gonna happen), i WILL NOT order a starchy side-dish, nor will i consume more than a half-cup of veggies at a meal!  The pleasures of the palate are not worth the bodily discomfort!

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