Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HUNGRY today!

After doing all that unaccustomed moving around last night, my appetite is more urgent than it's been in a long time!  I assume i used up a lot of muscle glycogen, and my body is finding it a challenge to replenish it.  GOOD.

Encouraged by Robb Wolf to follow my workout with a LOW-carb meal, i had sardines and chardonnay, and cream in my coffee before bed.  This morning i held out on black coffee till noon, but after my grassfed burger i was still not sated.  Hmmmm, unusual.  I took a shot of coconut oil and was satisfied till ... all of three-thirty!  More unusual still.  Just finished an early supper of filet mignon with butter, and tried a small piece of the sourdough rye-n-injun bread i made for my husband (but doing without wine).  We'll see how the appetite goes during the evening.  ...AND see how the scale reads in the morning.

My decision to fill my water bottle with cold licorice-root tea last night seems to have been a good one.  There's a tiny bit of naturally-occurring sugar in the stuff, making it pleasant to rehydrate and also helping my liver with the glucose supply.  I tried using my Vibrams in place of fencing shoes, but i'm not sure if it will work -- the front foot (that points forward) was fine, but the back foot presents the arch-side to the opponent, and it wasn't getting the support that conventional shoes provide.  I'm gonna have to think about it....


  1. Anytime I take even a few weeks' break from lindy hopping, my feet lose muscle tone. I dance in ballet slippers, and it makes me wonder if the whole idea of support, in the absence of an injury, needs to be reconsidered.

  2. i run around barefoot most of the time -- indoors almost always, and outdoors if it's not too cold. sometimes, though, support seems like a good thing.... when pushing off from the side of my left foot (lunging), having arch support feels better than not -- being a rather unnatural action, maybe unnatural footwear is appropriate? :-)

  3. That reminds me of Dr. Atkins' remark that people with an unbalanced metabolism need an unbalanced diet.

    Of course, you could take what I know about fencing and write it on a postage stamp. I find my knees do better without real shoes, especially since there's a lot of pivoting in swing dance. The less friction with the floor, the better.

  4. that first point sure hits the mark! :-)

    in fencing, traction is important. in competition, the piste ("battleground") isn't too slippery, but gym floors generally are, and when there's dust it's worse. you can identify a seasoned fencer, because s/he often wipes the shoe-soles on his/her STOCKINGS to improve their traction. :-) how i wish this had been available when i FIRST started fencing.... http://www.ehow.co.uk/video_2345309_ballestra-lunge-foil-fencing.html