Wednesday, March 13, 2013

repeat a lie often enough

Once bullshit finds favor with those media writers and producers who HAVE TO FILL columns or airtime EVERY SINGLE TEDIOUS DAY, you end up with avalanches of bullshit which eventually clog drainoff and drown the actual story....

Over and OVER and O-O-O-V-E-R-R-R, we hear the same old stories about meat and fat being bad for you and fruitsandvegetables and healthywholegrains being good.  One wants to run screaming into the night.  Yet another of Mark's columns is devoted to reassuring a reader who is being bombarded by enemies and relations with the untruth.  Yet another of Tom's articles is devoted to trying to unclog the bullshit-drain.

Those of us who have improved our health through clean eating, whether it be paleo or low-carb or a mixture of the two, would LOVE to help the struggling people we see all around us!  We hate to see loved ones who are in pain or taking medications that don't help and come with their own burden of unwellness, KNOWING that a few MINOR INCONVENIENCES (ie not living on wheat and sugar) might make them feel immeasurably better.  In the glow of our satisfaction we try to "share the good news" only to be refuted by the CW and advanced nutritional wisdom as learned through television commercials.

And out comes another spewage of BS that reinforces Kellogg's position!!!  ... Yeah, right.  Ya know, in "celebration" of this Mercury Retrograde, i'm inclined to say "LET 'EM EAT CAKE" ... or pasta, or whole-grain subway sandwiches or whatever the hell they want.  Let 'em cut calories till they're miserable and sick and fatter than ever.  Let 'em convince themselves that my diet is gonna kill me, no matter how much better (than they) i look and feel.  I've put the information out there, and if they choose to ignore it then i'll say (with Reverend Johnson) "son, you're on your own."

So as each "new study" comes out with the same old bullshit, i'm just going to smile cattily and order another Proud Mary burger (two 8-oz-before-cooking patties with cheese and bacon), hold the bun, with a glass of the house cabernet.  That plus coffee is enough food to hold me for a whole day.  Let my MIL eat nothing but sugar for breakfast.  Let Dr. Joe Blow scarf down pie at midnight, and say that his obesity is due to his newly-discovered hypothyroidism.  Let others say "everything in moderation" but it must be bad genes that cause cancer.  New version of tough-love:  it goes along with my long-ago-adopted anti-nagging policy -- i'll tell you once, and remind you once, but beyond that it's not MY problem.

The current MR will be over in about four more days, which pleases me immensely -- my internet connection improves when Mercury is direct.  I can't hope that the misinformation will go away ... but i also won't accept responsibility for helping to muck out the drains.


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    1. :-) i keep mine around so i can watch the classics. hurrah for Netflix and TCM! oh, and DVDs too....

  2. Yup, yup, yup! Gotta do what we gotta do and let everyone else "eat cake". Our personal or collective illusions are so entrenched...the only thing that ever moves us forward to new behavior is enough pain to motivate us to change. And even then, most people never will exert the effort to learn a new way of thinking. It's very personal, our attachment to what we know (think we know) and believe to be true. Save your pearls and eat your swine (preferably in the form of Ham Hocks and BACON).

  3. HEAR, HEAR!!! :-) ...did you see the link i left you on FB, Patanjali's yoga sutras on

  4. I despair most when I see friends and loved ones killing themselves by following their doctor's and CW nutritionists orders, taking tons of medications and getting sicker and sicker.That's the worst part.

    Noticed on Fathead's blog about an article in today's Guardian about Gwenyth Paltrow's diet which sounds like dairy free paleo. Paltrow is not one of my favorite people but it seems she gets it diet wise. It's good to see more and more high-profile people spreading the word. Maybe we will see some change within our lifetime.

  5. didn't GP get osteopenia from a vegetarian diet a couple of years ago? if she went paleo i'm happy for her.... yes, sometimes when i see dieticians and physicians joining the bandwagon i have hopes for the future!

  6. Hi Tess - loved this rant.
    For a brief moment, at first I thought you wrote: “those of us who have improved our health through clam eating”… and I thought: “Yay! I’m still battling oyster shells regularly.” But then I realized you said “clean” eating… which is still pretty good.
    all best,

    1. I like clams too! Fisherman's chowder like you find in San Diego -YUM!

  7. -yes, thank you for the Patanjali link- I've started reading a bit of it, I like it- fits with what I've read of Steven Levine, Pema Chodran, E. Tolle, Adyashanti, Modern book of the dead, etc. I find it grounding and uplifting.

  8. oh, i'm glad you like it! ...i haven't read any of the people you list -- i need to look into them!