Wednesday, March 27, 2013

driving arguments with sarcasm, ridicule and scorn

As i've observed before, other people's blog lists can be excellent sources of new reading material.  An awfully large proportion of the blogs i visit but don't continue with (few in number, actually) may CONCEIVABLY have valuable content, but the tone of the writer might be just unappealing or unacceptable.  The atmosphere of the discussion -- the ambiance of the site -- too often reeks of an intolerable AT-TI-TOOOOOD.

It's a pity.  I don't think such writers really care one way or another whether i or those like me are adding to their stats, but i can't help but think they might be happier people "in real life" if they weren't constantly alienating the people around them with their behavior.

I can think of a whole schmeer of reasons why they might carry on the way they do:  perhaps they don't have logical reasons for holding their opinions and they're covering up for that fact, or conversely, they aren't good at defending the perfectly valid positions they take, and they're trying to keep discussion at bay; it could be that their personal histories are full of opposition or rejection and their current attitudes are designed to keep others at arms' lengths as a result; there is no shortage of possible reasons for people to be unpleasant!  But tell me, is it working for them?  Are they getting what they want from it?

The question with me is, are they reaping some kind of satisfaction out of being the way they are?  Why do some people enjoy being assholes?  I'm reminded of the scene from "Wolf" in which Jack Nicholson is talking to Michelle Pfeiffer about HER airs -- that the barrier she raises between herself and others actually has the opposite effect from what she intends.  I rather suspect that the overbearing and mulish imagine themselves powerful in all the "glory" of their rudeness -- that they fancy others are intimidated by a stance of that nature -- whereas in reality those others (who have manners, native politeness, or simply prefer to CHOOSE their battles) merely don't want to tell them what ignorant boors they really find them.

Damn, ANOTHER rant, and so soon!  ;-)

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