Sunday, March 10, 2013

being good -- more or less

On thursday i started being "good" again, and am finally starting to feel a little more normal.  Friday, my legs just ACHED and my energy was poor -- how quickly i go gimpy on a less-than-optimal diet!  Yesterday (after increased doses of carnitine to help the process along) my symptoms started fading.  A good night's sleep last night was icing.

Yesterday's dinner was the pair of pork hocks, and it fully lived up to expectation!  Browned in fat then removed to a platter, the meat rested while i made the mirepoix and deglazed the pan with white wine, then added a melange of spices (per the recipe in "Odd Bits" for lamb shank), popped it all in a roaster and cooked at 300F for three hours (turning halfway through).  YUM.  We'll definitely buy that cut again, and use the recipe some more, too!

I allowed myself a glass of white wine while i was cooking, and interestingly enough, my stomach wasn't happy about it.  :-)  I wouldn't be too surprised if my body started making me forgo ALL the things it doesn't approve of....

Next weekend i have a living-history event to prepare for, so i'll probably be too busy to write or read much -- at our old-west village, a group of us is "putting on a show in the barn" as those silly old movies used to say.  We're doing a truncated version of "The Pirates of Penzance," and i get to play Ruth, the part that Angela Lansbury did so beautifully in the film version of '83.  :-D  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Wow Tess, you have such an interesting life! How fun to be doing local theater- wish I could come see :)

  2. i used to be very active in community theatre (backstage) when i lived in TX, and had a role once when in OK; this is a little different, though. "our town" is a members-only place with no spectators, so it's like grownups playing "cowboys & indians" all weekend -- it's great fun! :-D we have an event every couple of months, and each event has a theme, this time it's all about our show. it will be VERY amateurish, even though we have professional actors in the group.

  3. Tess--you and I sound a lot alike. Check out my blog--
    I got back to being "good" yesterday. :)

  4. i WILL. :-) ...doesn't it feel GREAT to eat right? what's amazing is how we ever allow ourselves to be seduced away!