Friday, March 29, 2013

bad moon ... waning

Hooooweee, that was a rough full moon!  It had some nasty aspects with heavy-duty planets like Pluto.  ...And don't tell me Pluto's not really a planet!  ;-)

Spring is springing very slowly here in the midwest -- we had a significant snow last week which only melted off completely this morning.  It's been very hard to get any enthusiasm up for exercise or controlling details of diet, or concentrated work of any sort!  I'm hoping that the worst of the grey, cold and wet are over; there IS a time for that sort of weather, but around here that time SHOULD be past.

I'm not subject to "that other SAD problem" -- the seasonal thing -- any more than i've suffered from "standard" diet for a VERY long time.  However, day length affects humans just as it does birds, and when days become longer the sun becomes stronger and vitamin D and fresh air and all sorts of other good things become readily available.  Our spirits rise, and our metabolisms must, too, because we see progress with our  diets and fitness and well-being.

Happy springtime-fertility-festival.  Happy easter.

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