Wednesday, March 27, 2013

i think i've got it

First i hit "publish" and then i clean up my typos, then i start doing something else and -- voila.  Light bulb comes on.

Maybe, just MAYBE, people like to stir up shit because they have a hard time feeling things unless the tension is particularly high.  They're so accustomed to the peripheral NOISE that for their overstimulated nervous systems, the ordinary tenor of daily life doesn't register any longer.  Unless the fight-or-flight hormones are flowing, they don't feel alive.



  1. Chill out Tess. For what it’s worth I consider you one of coolest and feet on the ground bloggers out there.

    Kind regards Eddie x

    1. Lol - thanks, Eddie! :-) I read people's doom-and-gloom blogs and FB postings, and think, it doesn't HAVE to be as hard as they make it! Why do some people care what others do, eat or believe? Why do certain "animals" like to stigmatize everyone who doesn't live exactly like they do? I have to conclude that they're miserable and desperate for company....

  2. Good to see that someone else publishes first, THEN corrects the typos and science howlers that somehow are invisible in draft.