Wednesday, April 4, 2012

welcome to my world -- i mean "bloglist"

Thanks to Kateryna, i've decided to add another writer to my bloglist.  I've only just begun to read his articles, but my first impression of Peter Attia is very good indeed.

His blog is called "the war on insulin," which to my mind is slightly different from a "war on carbohydrates."  Interestingly enough, Dr. Donaldson stated in his 1960s memoir that a number of doctors, even then, believed "insulin itself may promote hardening of the arteries"....  I've only felt passing interest in the subject of insulin, because i have no inkling that i have a problem with it, outside of its combination with carbs inducing weight gain in this aging body.

I know that insulin performs a variety of very important tasks throughout the human body.  I'm also aware that my "sufficient" intake of protein induces a release of it.  What i'm fuzzy about is, how and why it "escorts" other hormones in various cells, especially in the brain.

It's time for me to learn this stuff, and i think Dr. Attia's site is a good place to start.  Thanks, Kateryna!

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