Friday, April 6, 2012

"if you really don't want to see it no more ... then don't watch"

Here i go, quoting again.  ;-)  Extra credit, if you can identify the movie.

Am i the only one who would rather not watch videos and listen to podcasts?  In blogs and on facebook, the damned links are everywhere ... frequently without any description of what it's about.  I have to say, i'm deeply grateful to the bloggers who offer transcripts of the talk, or at least list topics with timestamps so i can fast-forward to the good stuff.

I HATE sitting around listening to the slow pace of non-professional talkers and their "UH"s!!!  Of course, some people are a delight to watch/listen to; Lustig or Naughton, i'll attend-to all day.

In the Vimeo recordings of the Ancestral Health Symposium lectures last year, people with interesting and important things to say spoiled their messages with horrendously bad delivery.  (I hope they'll improve themselves before this year's presentations.)  What a pleasure it was when a few of them could combine significant information with good style, though!

Rant over!  ;-)  Starting "irony alert":

Here's the film clip.


  1. It's amazing how much we are alike. I no longer go to Jimmy Moore's site because of all the podcasts. I'm not singling out Jimmy per se, it's all podcasts. I was raised before the computer age and I like to read to get my information. And I read much faster than people can speak. That's why my TV is 12 years old, is hardly ever used and permanently shut off and why I'm still reading a lot of books instead of going to movies.

  2. yep, we're definitely on the same page! ;-) i use my televisions to watch movies, mostly. and read on my laptop a lot -- my salute to the 21st century....

  3. I actually enjoy podcasts when I'm cooking or cleaning, but I know what you mean about those annoying "ums".