Sunday, April 22, 2012

...and why i don't suggest music to enjoy my writing by

;-)  terrible grammar, and egotistical, to boot!

If there's anything that 56.75 years of this incarnation have taught me, it's that i'm weird.  ...Okay, "weird" might be a little strong -- how about unusual ... eccentric ... extranormal....  Well, however you want to express it, i've found that what pleases me aesthetically goes whizzing past a lot of other people, and vice versa, even when we have a lot of other things in common.

One blogger frequently suggests her favorite melodies (recommending the right-click method so one may enjoy her music in tandem with her essay); once i clicked on a classical number she linked as one of her faves, and i damn near went catatonic under its influence.  My brain slowed to the plodding beat of something i remember resembling the Death March....  I learned my lesson; another gentleman has begun the same practice, and even if the artists/titles appealed to me (they don't) i know better than to read blogs by music, now ... especially via video.

So, beyond posting what i consider my theme-song at the top of my page -- and i leave it an option rather than something which automatically bursts upon your senses -- i'll refrain from introducing an abundance of my favorites into your environment.  Call me stubborn!

...Unless you ask for it, in which case you "asked for it."  ;-)

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