Saturday, April 28, 2012

pre-road ... NOT-downs

Got my tomato and sweet-pepper plants in the ground today, so they shouldn't die without care while i'm gone.  :-)  THIS year's indoor sowing is far more successful than last -- i used "poo pots" (composted cow-manure vessels) to start seeds left over from last year's most successful vegetables.  Yea, heirlooms!!!  They're between two and four inches tall; some went into the ground in the back yard, and some into pots on the balcony (trying to outwit the squirrels).

I uprooted a couple of sunchokes to make room for tomatoes, and one good-sized tuber came out, so i was able to show my MIL -- she'd never seen one before.  She's lived in small towns a good part of her life, and in their grocery stores, you're lucky to find avocados and parsnips and greens and such, let alone the more unusual vegetables....

I baked a loaf of nut-free, gluten-free reduced-carb bread to take along; my poor DIL is horribly allergic to tree-nuts, so while we're in her house, our snacks will have to gravitate toward the meat/olive/cheese direction.  I'd better take along a LOT of rice crackers!  But then again, their place isn't terribly far from a Wegman's -- the most impressive grocery store i've ever explored.  And some people brag on the Whole Foods in Austin....  ;-)  Wegman's has EVERYTHING.

So, except for the packing, i think i'm ready!  [crossing fingers] 

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