Tuesday, September 17, 2013

supplements for breakfast

I had to laugh at myself yesterday.  I've rearranged the time of day when i take a couple of my supplements, and the two i added just recently (inspired by the CFS book) are recommended for early-in-the-day;  i ended up drinking three cups of Sumatran Reserve (no problem from that variety) and having a handful of pills and liquids for my breakfast.  Not all at once, but staggered over a few hours -- however it was definitely supplements for breakfast!

All the young folks at MDA would probably admonish me for not getting my nutrients from whole foods, but i've been shown over and over that if certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids come in their natural compounded forms, my body doesn't do a good job of breaking them apart and absorbing them efficiently.  Different nutrients compete with each other for receptors and carrier-proteins, and they obviously don't use a take-a-number system like the meat-market does.  ;-)  Even though i don't complicate the issue with lots of fiber and starches, or even many nut-derived phytates,  these nutrients seem to be more entangled than my digestive system can adequately handle.  Spacing them out helps.

So, fortified with herbs, minerals and vitamins, cofactors and prohormones, carnitine, ribose and caffeine, i faced the world!  It was the kind of early-autumn day that my husband and i both love, cool, cloudy, and good-smelling.  We went to the Missouri Botanical Garden to look for the perfect trees for our front yard, to replace the tired ol' boring hedge that the previous owners planted god-knows how many years ago (i've wanted to get rid of the damn thing for most of the time we've lived here).

We wandered all over and chatted with people at the help desk awhile, coming to the conclusion we probably want three ilex opaca Foster or Canary (two female, one male) ... and i began to be HUNGRY.  J consulted his watch and i discovered i'd just had a twenty-hour coffee-fast!  I was PLEASANTLY fatigued.

Well, under the circumstances i felt that would be the time to have a carb re-feed, so we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had an early dinner full of wicked delicious stuff.  I was full and happy till almost bedtime, when i had a last decaf with cream, then hit the hay for a blissful 8-hour sleep.

Woke up a little slowly this morning, but feeling pretty good!  Haven't had a histamine flare-up for quite awhile (knock on wood).  I feel more systemic inflammation than i like, but the Exclzymes are still on back-order and i'm having to use another brand which aren't as effective -- getting your systemic enzymes from some company which may handle them carelessly and allow them to overheat is a problem.  Note to self:  order enough in April to last till October, and overheating in shipment will be reduced....

All in all, a very good day.  :-)


  1. "It was the kind of early-autumn day that my husband and i both love, cool, cloudy, and good-smelling. We went to the Missouri Botanical Garden"

    That sounds a brilliant day to me. I love the Autumn - so pleased you had a good day - it does the heart and soul good I think.

    All the best Jan

    1. i heartily agree! :-) being surrounded by nature and beauty feeds the spirit!