Thursday, September 5, 2013

"post-viral fatigue induced food intolerance with hypotension" ... and variants?

In the CFS/ME world, there is agitation to change how people refer to their illness, and i can't blame them.  Doesn't "chronic" ANYTHING imply "oh, you're always bitching about something"?

Even more obnoxious are some designators that GPs are inclined to call it -- "bored housewife syndrome" ... "yuppie flu" ... then there's "20th century syndrome" and the ol' reliable "hysteria."  If i were one of the sufferers who is barely able to leave her bed without passing out, and i were described that way, i'm afraid i'd end up incarcerated for killing someone -- or at least hiring it done.  ;-)

I'll give credit to the writer of the article i just read for having more sensitivity and compassion than a lot of "authorities" -- especially in the CDC and other national- and international-level alphabet-soup organizations.  He objects to too much inclination to call chronic fatigue a psychosomatic illness, though psychosocial aspects exist for many physiological problems.

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