Sunday, September 15, 2013

confirmation -- it feels GOOD

When i was hit by that histamine tornado, i started doubting my regimen.  I spent the first week of September eating VERY cleanly and vacationing from my supplements, and the second week adding them back in ... and i feel vindicated that I did a good job of choosing my additions well in the first place.

Well, although i might have rushed into trying new things there for awhile, stopping and starting again with them individually over the course of last year, i felt at the time that i had proven all of them "worthy"!  :-)  I've now confirmed that i'm benefitting from including them.  Last week, as i added them back one by one, i felt improvement with each.

This faulty body of mine just doesn't absorb nutrients the way it should!  About the only things i eat which give me a sort of "rush of well-being" are raw oysters, beef/veal liver, rack of lamb, and fatty beefsteak.  An appalling number of healthyfruitsandvegetables actually make me feel BAD, which surprised me mightily when i first discovered it.  Now, after further study and further experimentation i have learned to accept the counterintuitive!

We HAVE to accept what our bodies tell us, and ignore the "experts" if we adopt their advice and find our health deteriorate.  EVEN IF populations have existed healthfully eating certain diets, if we try the same thing and find diminished wellbeing, it's wrong for us.  EVEN IF other individuals, ostensibly similar, thrive on certain meal patterns and plans, that won't mean it's our own ideal.  We each have to experiment and tweak until our own ideal emerges.

May all my readers find theirs!  Amidst the storms of various opinions, there obviously is no one perfect plan for all of mankind, but i have to believe there's one for YOU.


  1. So true, Tess. Glad you are able to find the food that works. Feeling good is sooooo worth it. Allergies, sensitivities, etc are so individualized.

    Hope the you can continue to feel good.

    1. thanks, Karen, and you too! your success should inspire a lot of people.