Friday, September 27, 2013

easy CFS test

I worked on the downstairs powder-room wallpaper removal a little while today, i was feeling so much better!  Afterward, i sat down with a glass of iced coffee and enjoyed the rest.  I came up with an interesting idea, too....

Which is the best answer to the following questions -- do you find:

  • getting a great new haircut/style, exciting or ... exhausting;
  • a walk on the beach with your beloved, romantic or ... exhausting;
  • finding the perfect pair of jeans while out shopping, exhilarating or ... exhausting;
  • a night out on the town with your friends, fun or ... exhausting;
  • a romp in the playground with your kids or grandkids, GREAT or ... exhausting;
  • a productive day doing work you love, satisfying or ... exhausting;
  • dinner and a show with your husband or lover, one of the best things life has to offer or ... exhausting?
Life is supposed to be worth living, not something to drag yourself through.  Unfortunately, when you reach a certain point of illness, mustering the energy even to do things you SHOULD find life-affirming becomes almost overwhelming. This is ... bad.

HOW can the medical industry at all levels, GPs to the CDC, rationalize their point of view that people with this problem are MALINGERERS?  Who the hell WANTS to live this way?

...I don't see any hands in the air, here....


  1. I'm just taking the positive here " i was feeling so much better!"

    That is good and long may it continue.......

    All the best Jan

  2. exhausting, exhausting, exhausting....