Monday, September 2, 2013

conditions have to be just right ... i.e. wrong?

I'm currently reading "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: a Treatment Guide" and it's interesting stuff.  It brings out in me the qualities of the gentleman who read a medical book on a rainy afternoon and found in himself symptoms of all the illnesses described ... except Housemaid's Knee.

Being introspective is helpful when it comes to self-diagnosis.  After all, if one's natural focus is outward it's good for some things but not necessarily observing one's own body's reactions to stimuli.

In discussing the search for causes and defining characteristics, the authors point out the frustrations of the researchers and physicians doing the investigating -- sometimes they see this and sometimes that, but "never always."  As a "paleoid" thinker, i can't help but add my own paradigms to their basic science and say, what happens when you start with a virus, add a bacterium or mycoplasma, THEN complicate with a diet full of lectins (or not), AND reduced native proteolytic enzyme production (from simply being over 30 years old)?  The latter two conditions certainly cause the subject to be more susceptible to any and all infections.

Being a rapidly aging individual having a faulty body to work with, i'm interested in avoiding all the stumbling-blocks i can and getting all the mileage-enhancing tips possible.  This book promises some insights i'll find useful!  I'm afraid my readers will have to put up with this subject while i work my way through the book and record my thoughts along the way.  ;-)


  1. Looking forward to 'reading your thoughts' and hope you find the book helpful.

    All the best Jan