Thursday, January 24, 2013


Veggies instead of meat?  That WOULD make my White Dog blue*!

*  THIS is George Rodrigue's Blue Dog, who Spense was impersonating at NOLA's Mardi Gras a couple of years ago --


  1. I just re-assured my cat that not only would he get all the salmon skin before the dog came to visit, but that he was superior to dogs anyway. After all, they are butt-lickers, and cats lick only their own butts. Therefore, it has been established that dogs will eat anything like that little taco bell dog and our visitor. From a pc. of cheese paper, from the gutter, even a carbohydrate. I assured kitty that the little dog wouldn't even know that the salmon skin was missing.

  2. yes, dogs WILL eat almost anything (but of course that doesn't mean they SHOULD) -- cats ARE more enlightened in that respect! :-) of course, cats don't bark fiercely when strangers come to the door....

  3. totally off topic, but OMG I recognize that blue dog!
    - one of the best wines I ever drank.

    on another note, when a bowl of strawberries and cream fell off the table, my sister's dog lapped up all the cream but left the strawberries alone!

    1. dogs are the original kitchen-floor-cleaner. :-) i'm proud to say that Spense would have left very little for me to have to towel up, in that strawberries-and-cream catastrophe! any time he hears me say "oops" he starts looking on the ground for something to tidy up for me.

  4. Awww little white wolf. So pointy!

    He's so depressed thinkin' bout tatos. No doubt. Doggie has head on leather sofa practically in a major depression.