Wednesday, January 16, 2013

it still works -- rebop

With a secondary title, "...and i MEAN fatty meat!"  :-)

My husband stands in the way of my losing weight -- no, that's an excuse for being more careless with my intake when he's around.  We go out to eat often, i have more wine and cocktails when he's in town, he likes to cook, and he can eat a lot more carbs than i can and still lose weight....  On and on.

Having him out of town for a few days, i'm making hay while the sun shines.  I'm doing the "strong medicine" regimen with the tweaks i learned the first time around (MORE SALT etc) -- and it STILL still works.

When i picked up ground beef over the weekend, however, i didn't go to Whole Paycheck for their outstanding grassfed ground beef in the family-pack -- the St. Louis store is horribly laid-out, and so a weekend-size number of customers make for an unbearable traffic situation inside.  I didn't want to face it, so ended up at Schnuck's, and their "regular" ground beef isn't the same:  it's too lean.

My body doesn't like a reduced-fat diet!  I wonder if other hypothyroids have a problem with constipation AS A RESULT of doing what conventional wisdom tells them to -- eat more fiber and drink a lot of water.  My intestines HATE that!  BUTTER TO THE RESCUE!!!

A tablespoon of butter on top of your freshly-made all-beef patty....  Your colon will thank you.


  1. You know you're a real freak when meat is too lean for you. Usually all "enlightened" people look for the lean cuts. The other week I discovered by accident that a supermarket I don't normally shop in has way fattier ground beef than my usual. OMFG it was delicious. And cheaper.


    1. that's the irony! :-) when i see ground sirloin i think "what a waste" -- i like sirloin for stroganoff, with all that yummy sour cream....

    2. Yum! Man, I love meat.

    3. you and me both!!! rack of lamb, spareribs (with spice rub, no sauce), roast beef, salmon fillet with that Atkins glaze on it, poultry breast medallions with green-peppercorn cream sauce, beef tenderloin steaks with mushroom-wine sauce -- just thinking about it, i get all warm and cozy.... :-D

  2. Do you really think any of that butter gets to your colon? Only if it is absorbed into the fibre.

  3. well, it doesn't go straight down the pipe, but moisture in the large intestine is fat-derived, from my understanding. water, on the other hand, is absorbed and goes straight into circulation, unlike what fiber-supplement manufacturers might tell people.

  4. I realized that I was "mindlessly eating while in front of the computer" yesterday. When I looked down, three-quarters of the new stick of butter was gone. Down another lb. today he he

  5. "My body doesn't like a reduced-fat diet! I wonder if other hypothyroids have a problem with constipation AS A RESULT of doing what conventional wisdom tells them to -- eat more fiber and drink a lot of water. My intestines HATE that! BUTTER TO THE RESCUE!!!"

    Amen! Pardon being so late to the party, but a good friend of mine just put me on to your blog. LOVING IT!!!

    If I eat the way I like to eat -- lots of fat and protein, maybe a few berries, and very little in the area of veggies -- I feel good and have no problems with constipation.

    Add in even a small amount of veggies, and that's when the trouble starts. The "experts" tell me that I'm constipated because I don't eat veggies (never mind that it's not an issue AT ALL when I eat NO veggies), so I add more. If I eat veggies every day and, heaven forbid, more than once a day, I get terrible constipation.

    When I followed the Atkins plan, I ate more veggies than at any other time of my life (I don't get these people who characterize Atkins as all-meat-and-all-bacon-all-the-time). My constipation got so bad I had to have Citrucel every single day, and even THAT didn't help.

    I'm 58 now, still having horrible menopausal symptoms (just coming off an overdose of progesterone, by the way ... and yes, they told me to apply the bio-identical progesterone on my belly ... and yes, my belly got huge, and now I'm reading it can take a year or more for the progesterone to finally leave your body).

    ANYWAY, my point is that after Atkins and Protein Power initially worked for me, they stopped working. I've tried a dozen different plans in the past several years. Since standard low-carb didn't seem to be working for me anymore, I tried some low-fat programs like Fast Metabolism Diet and Dukan Diet. HATED THEM. My body craves protein and fat.

    OK, I'm rambling now. Suffice it to say, you have another fan!

    1. thank you, and WELCOME! :-)

      on the rare occasions when i get plugged up (because i try to minimize those healthyfruitsandvegetables, and THEY are what cause my problems), i take some of my carefully-saved GF beef tallow and add it to my coffee -- it's miraculous!

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