Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"carbs for the thyroid" revisited

...But NOT revised!  THIS is why it makes me so friggin' ANGRY when i hear euthyroid people say that eating low-carb will lower your thyroid function.

Hypothyroidism is pretty much defined by its symptoms.  If lab values are "just fine" but symptoms remain, the disorder hasn't been properly treated -- this is what we see in sufferers all the time.  However, if lab values "show reduced thyroid function" in the absence of symptoms, i argue that there is no case.  I can FEEL when my thyroid is working under-par, but i don't believe for a second that the Lead Musclehead who promotes HC for people like me has any sense of his function until the blood-test results come in.

I woke up rather chilly this morning, and the only thing different was a larger-than-usual carb intake yesterday as compared with the day before.  Weather in the teens (F), no change in thermostat setting, same blankets on the bed.  This is EXACTLY the same thing that happened at the end of my whole30-ish experience last year, when i began adding neolithic foods back in --

LIGHT BULB GOES ON -- it's beans!!!  Rice doesn't seem to do it all by itself, nor potatoes.  Nor sugar, in moderation.  I'll have to experiment with lentils (i love lentils!) to see if it's ALL legumes or just some of them.

:-)  It's almost embarrassing to have a "eureka moment" publicly like this....

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