Monday, January 14, 2013

interpersonal variability

[sigh]  THIS is what weight-loss experts and obesity researchers just don't want to know about.  And IT'S OUT THERE!!!

... I almost feel as though i should say, "He's coming for you, Barbara!" -- quick, name that quote!  ;-)  Okay, it's out of my system.  And now i've caught up on my Monday morning reading and am ready to start using my brain again ... if i can.

If you read people's life- and weight-histories with an open, inquiring mind, you will be struck by some interesting points:  person A and person B may have a huge amount in common, and nevertheless have very different experiences with the same diet and supplements.  Person A gets a simple energy boost from tyrosine, but B and C get uncomfortably wired with it.  Person C on the other hand likes the effect of carnitine better while A feels it a drag on her thyroid function.  Person B cannot seem to tolerate ZC but C loves it and A doesn't find it necessary.  C likes fasting, A does not.  ... I could go on and on.

PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT, which is why there will never be one perfect food regimen for everybody.  Perhaps it DOES boil down to microbiota and epigenetics.  Those Self-Proclaimed Experts on Weight (SPEWers for short) at this point begin to deride those who don't fit the middle of the bell-curve, accusing them of considering themselves unique snowFLAKES and fragile flowers, and they are absolutely 100% fucking WRONG.

This may be why they cling so tightly to CICO (which most people consider significant though not necessarily definitive) -- their mind-set REQUIRES truisms or they become so psychologically uncomfortable that the world becomes untenable.  I hope a little more evolving will get them to the point that LIFE, that sea of uncertainty we inhabit, will no longer be required to conform to their mold!  Their kind of thinking is what brought on the heresy-seeking inquisitions of history, and we know how well they turn out.  Pogrom, anyone?

VARIABILITY:  it exists.  Live with it.


  1. Quote is from Night of the living Dead.

  2. oh goody! finally somebody who will play quotes with me! :-D sorry -- my kids and i love that game.