Saturday, January 5, 2013

a speculation or two

[chuckle]  Well, i always DID know i was "different"....

In the comments over at Sidereal's place, Wooo describes more-or-less how i differ from a more classic hypothyroid.  However, i'm very discontented with the state of the science.  I want me a couple of dozen hypothyroid people to experiment on for a few years ... and that isn't a possibility in THIS life; maybe in my next one...?  ;-)

For instance, i KNOW that inappropriate levels of certain micronutrients (especially if i can lump O6 in this category) make me feel like hell -- or in balance, wonderful -- with absolutely no change of diet to act as a confounder.  When people get hypothyroid symptoms from taking carnitine, for ONE thing ... how do their diets and supplement regimens differ from mine?  I was all ready to speculate that carnitine spares thyroid when it binds to receptors and does the donkey work of ferrying in FAs for burning.  That's exactly what seems to happen in my case.

I really feel like a lot is misunderstood about thyroid function by those who should know better.  I feel that they THINK they have it down pat, and so have been taking a lot of things for granted.  WHY are there so many more hypothyroid people in the world than there were a few decades ago?  Like so many other categories of the not-quite-well, i think a lot of hypothyroidism is NOT derived from mysterious genetic or "god-sent" causes, but MALNUTRITION.  I'm probably alone in this belief, but that doesn't make me wrong.


  1. I agree that the rise in hypothyroid disorders could well be due to eating nutrient depleted food especially carbs. More thyroid hormone is needed to metabolise carbs so perhaps the hypothyroid epidemic is yet more proof that we weren't adapted to eat 400 g of wholesome safe starch a day!

  2. that's near the top in my list of speculations. to Wooo's belief that a few more carbs makes hypothyroids feel better, i would say that perhaps VLC disagrees with SOME because they are having a difficult time becoming keto-adapted. reading others' experiences on this matter, i realize how lucky i was to adapt to FA-burning so quickly. but when i have an extended carbfest, it takes several days of bad energy before i can get back in the groove. and people who HAVE to get up early every day to meet their responsibilities don't have the flexibility i do THERE, either.

  3. What is the macronutrient composition of your diet? How much protein do you eat? I find it amazing that you can get adapted to that kinda diet and so quickly. It's great!

  4. my IDEAL is to get at least two-thirds of my calories from fat, 100g approximate in protein, and under 30 in carbs -- less if i'm actively trying to lose weight. of course, when i'm not home alone, eating nothing but my own cooking, i don't usually track it. GOK what i ate on vacation!

    i think my big secret may be because i became "carb sensitive" as an adult. i was a chubby child mostly because of my thyroid problem i believe -- i don't seem to have been born with the insulin issues so many children have now, though i was a reasonably large baby (over 9.5#).