Saturday, November 3, 2012

drove away at last

I made the trip yesterday, arriving home at about midnight.  I SHOULD have gotten on the scales this morning out of simple curiosity, but absent-mindedly took some supplements, which i only do AFTER weighing, under ordinary circumstances.  Staying consistent in the way certain things are done and measured give me a sense of controlling variables better.

The cold is still dragging me down, although the OTC "ameliorants" are allowing me to sleep and function a bit, even if it's in a low-energy sort of way.  I'm adding supplements back in a bit slowly, as one does with questionable foods after removing them from the diet for awhile.  So far, it's just the systemic enzymes, cod-liver oil, medium-dose iodine and mag-zinc capsules -- there's no doubt that those are significantly beneficial for me ... and besides, i added them in slowly in the first place.

I brought back a pint of shucked oysters from Dorignac's in NOLA but haven't decided exactly what to do with them, though Oysters Rockefeller Bisque is a distinct possibility.  The P & J Oyster Co. cookbook has a lovely collection of recipes, and the one i mentioned is a freebie on the website.  They used to have an extensive free brochure full of recipes, but after the oil spill a couple of years ago, they published the expanded hardcover version -- it probably has helped to keep them in business during these hard times, so i sure didn't regret purchasing it!  I really enjoy patronizing and promoting good businesses:  i believe that Dorignac was the first grocer to reopen after Katrina, and it's a really good one; P & J has been in the oyster business in Louisiana since 1876, and a lot of the local restaurants are  provisioned by them.  They're both staffed by some great people.

An additional quart of oysters are stored in my daughter's freezer.  We'll be joining them for Thanksgiving, and i have a vision of serving those lovely shellfish barbecued as a snack or first course....


  1. Lets see, The Pelican Room (private section of Caseys), Laundrys on the seawall, and some aquarium resturant in Kemah near Houston. Three different places to get oysters rockefeller three different ways. All amazing! Those were the days my friend, we'd thought they'd never end. Glad you're feeling better T.

  2. thank you! we only had time for a few great places in NOLA and Houston.... believe it or not, my husband created a spreadsheet of restaurants in NOLA (he's an engineer), which i dutifully updated with our new find. :-)

  3. Going along with Tom Naughton's latest theme, I inherited lots of seafood cookbooks and brochures from my grandmother. I think everywhere they stopped along their beach holidays, they picked up a cookbook if one was available.
    Glad you are feeling better.

    1. thanks to you too, EB! i love getting cookbooks on my travels, too -- recreating beloved dishes brings back the pleasure of first tasting them, doesn't it? :-)