Sunday, November 25, 2012

watching commercials again....

Buy the capsules that "scientists discovered" and it will melt your fat away with no changes in your lifestyle -- it's "clinically proven"!!!  ...How can people still fall for these lines?  Or are they taking advantage of a new generation of overweight people who neither have any experience themselves, nor are willing to listen to the experience of others?

If leanness, or a healthy liver, heart and brain are important to you -- i'm sorry to break this to you -- you're going to HAVE to make diet and lifestyle changes!  It CAN be quick and "easy" but you're going to have to make sacrifices in the realm of what you're allowed to consume.



  1. De'Nile,,,, its not just a river in Egypt. Only a frustrated carb addict would respond to low carb and keto successes with such rabid venom. A victorious carb cutting story is not a just about weightloss and health. It seems to upend the entire world views of a large swath of society. Not to mention the corperate interests. Addicts and enablers and mercenary marketeers abound. Commercials reflect that in such a almost comical way dont they?

  2. indeed they do.... 20th century "popular science" and the 50-minute television show brainwashed people into thinking that there is a quick, painless solution to every problem. no matter what the issue might be, there's a pill (or a surgical procedure) for it. everything will be solved by the time the credits roll.

    i'm inclined to look at diet-and-health more like a series of movies -- how about Ms Weaver with the Aliens. :-) a problem rears its ugly head: can we figure out the solution before it kills us? we try to conquer it in various ways and they don't work. we finally figure out what to do, but it ain't easy. we make progress ... we think we have it beat ... then it comes back. for me, ZC is like the "loader" she wore a the end of the second movie. it wasn't a pretty battle but she succeeded. ;-)