Saturday, November 24, 2012

ground lost

Yeah, i've been "bad."  I can FEEL the subcutaneous fat gain.  I feel like a blimp.

Today i'm going to be very abstemious, in both carbs and alcohol.  Tomorrow i'm going to be "good," and on the weekdays "perfect" (the Strong Medicine regimen), because i've got a living-history event next weekend -- no time to waste.

The good news is, "fat" for me now is "lean" compared to where i was last year.  :-)


  1. I managed to survive the Thanksgiving feast with the family. There was enough selection for me not to have to eat any carb heavy foods to get filled.
    I did have a small cooler of backup foodstuffs in the car just in case. My relatives surprised look when they saw how much thinner I had become was priceless.

    1. well done! i didn't "have" to eat anything i shouldn't, of course -- i just DID. :-(