Thursday, November 1, 2012

not driving away again

I sat up being social too long last night and i woke up breathing through my mouth -- i think i'll drive home TOMORROW.  ;-)

Which gives me a chance to reflect on my vacation and headcold.  RELATED.  I believe the virus wouldn't have gotten a new lease on life, if i had dutifully taken all my supplements.  My intake of those protective substances have been significantly lower for over a week now.  Iodine, omega3, vitamins c and d, magnesium, ZINC....

Excuse me while i go treat the symptoms.


  1. Just take a big dose (like, 50,000 IU) of vitamin D. (See my posts on SWAMP if you're interested in how that works.)

    Too much zinc can inhibit the absorption of copper, which is necessary for the immune system.

    1. i'll make sure i have a look at that! i'm back home propped up in bed with a cup of excellent coffee my husband served up -- life is good, even if my head IS stuffy and my throat rough! :-)

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    1. thank you! :-) it always seems easier to do that at home, doesn't it?