Sunday, September 14, 2014

waking up hungry

There seems to be magic in red meat, for me.  Our dinner last night was tilapia baked with a nice fatty topping (butter, mayo, parmesan cheese and onions) plus a vegetable with MORE butter, and coffee and fat-bombs for dessert ... and i still woke up hungry!

Is it the finally-autumn-like weather?  Is it the shortening day-length, exacerbated recently by rainy weather that made sunlight impossible to find?  Is it the snack (macadamia nuts and white wine) i had after our renovation activities yesterday afternoon (our brunch was too early to last till dinnertime with the additional busyness)?

Whatever the case may be, i'm decidedly hungrier than usual this morning, and if i'm not eating "real meat" (aka beef or lamb) it's just not sticking to my ribs as well.  We're currently sitting in our favorite diner for HEARTY omelettes (i.e., in St. Louis -- we have other faves in other cities), waiting for the "western with added mushrooms" to arrive.  Billie's omelettes come with biscuits or toast, which i of course never eat, and though many customers add on hash-browns, i resist that temptation consistently.  Last time we were here i had ham-steak and eggs, and the former was so huge i took half of it home!  But their three-egg creations here are what you come for, if you want a well-stuffed one.

Ah!  Here it is!  :-)


I actually wrote this yesterday morning at about this same time, but my ipad resisted putting an appropriate-sized photo in, so I delayed till getting home to my laptop ... then got distracted!  The good news is, the rehabbed bathroom will be finished today, and I was kinda busy in the kitchen, too.  I made a different kind of fat-bomb (we like them with coffee after dinner), and I also made a batch of pumpkin "cheesecake" (it'll be dessert tonight).  And I made another recipe for the first time, out of the Sultan's Kitchen cookbook -- we've really been enjoying their dishes for lamb!  This time it was "cauliflower moussaka" which contains ground lamb and a whole bunch of different vegetables -- I halved the amount of cauliflower in it.

And I DIDN'T wake up hungry THIS morning!  ;-)


  1. Omelette's are a great way to start any day.

    Any chance of sharing the cauliflower moussaka recipe please (being cheeky could you also put it in the cauliflower topic on the low carb diabetic forum?)


    All the best Jan

    1. i think i might be coaxed to post that recipe.... ;-)