Wednesday, September 10, 2014

guggul works

I ran out of a tried-and-true thyroid-enhancing supplement, and Amazon doesn't seem to sell it anymore.  EXPERIMENT TIME!  :-D

Having read about guggul (Commiphora mukul) some time ago, and having my memory jogged by a recent mention in an online article, i decided to renew my acquaintance with the subject.  I went to Amazon (again), identified a product i'd be inclined to try, and started reading reviews.  Naturally, one tends to see extremes reported -- not people saying "this supplement is okay" as often as "OMG I'LL NEVER USE THIS AGAIN!" or "OMG I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS!"  :-)  Okay, interesting results.  Then i went to, to see what the "official" line on this herb is, and i was sold.

I wasn't convinced by the official, evidence-based, scientifically-savvy discussion on what guggul has been "proven" to do.  Webmd is full of NOTHING but "possibly effective for" and "probably INeffective for" statements.  No, if you want to know what an herb or stand-alone micronutrient REALLY DOES, you go to their "interactions" tabs, and see what you mustn't mix them with!  You learn all about their true actions there.

Sometimes it's a question of exacerbating the actions of the "proven" drug, and sometimes it's acting against them, but that way you see what the medical community SEES that the supplement does, but is damned if they'll admit it.  Guggul increases both estrogen AND thyroid.  I'm surprised that Big Pharma hasn't pulled strings to have it banned -- it has potential to cut way into their market share!

So i got the tincture (i strongly prefer this form for herbal supplements), and i've been using it for about a week.  Not once have i awakened with cold feet and foggy brain, despite one busy-day ... "bad feast."  ;-)   My energy has been very good, and mood also.  My digestion and sleep have been above-average, too.  No wired-but-tired side-effects, which would indicate it puts me into the hypER range.  

Guggul is definitely a keeper!


  1. Sorry Tess I've tried to resist but can't.........for guggul yes I read google and I only had my glasses checked recently !!!!

    Anyway you seem to be doing ok with the tincture, so hope this keeps up. Having said that you are very busy at the moment so hope all continues to be positive.

    All the best Jan

    1. yes, these times have been "good busy." :-) hope it's the same with you!

  2. I was told some time ago that ashwagandha is very beneficial for stimulating thyroid. Since my thyroid problem is different in origin than yours, I never tried it myself, but decided to drop that tip here.

  3. I'm participating in The Great Kratom Experiment, courtesy of Woo... Blasted myself w/3 g of maeng da (125-lb Woo takes 2.5 g!) w/unpleasant but not disastrous results: intense hot flash, felt "overcaffeinated" w/out the jitters, dry mouth, low-grade headache-like sensation persisted for almost 24 hrs - but it DID completely eradicate my appetite! Then I did some more reading & came across the slang for maeng da: "Pimp Grade", ha!
    1.5 g of green vein Borneo was much better - still wiped out my appetite but didn't jack me up...
    (I took up a bottle of ashwagandha a while back w/no discernible benefits.)