Tuesday, February 17, 2015

happy Mardi Gras! :-D

Counter-balancing (is that a redundancy?) the sweet cocktail i created for Valentines' Day, i offer a savory one now.  We never paid any attention to MG until we lived in N'Orleans ... but now we're HOOKED!  And that expression turns into a pun, since one of the most memorable aspects of the French Quarter scene is the seafood!  I've always been a lover of fish and crustaceans, but now my affection approaches Fatal Attraction....  :-)  SO...

If It's Okay Bayou

3 oz. of a sturdy gin (Damrak or Bulldog is perfect, but Beefeater's is FINE ... don't use something delicate like G-Vine or Magellan!  you want to taste HERBS not flowers)
3 oz. tomato juice
1 oz. clam juice
2 dashes celery bitters
12 or more drops Holy Trinity bitters*
a sprinkle of Tony Cachere's cajun seasoning
1 anchovy filet

Shake to a Zydeco beat with plenty of ice, strain into cocktail glasses and garnish with a spiced boiled shrimp.


Of course, if you're a traditionalist you can always revert to the HURRICANE, one of the cocktails most associated with the Vieux Carre ... and which coincidentally was the first recipe i posted here.  ;-)
*  honestly, one of the reasons i designed this cocktail this way is because i had these bitters and didn't know what to do with them! ...so if you don't have THEM or Tony C's seasoning, you may improvise with some Tabasco and any other creole/cajun spices.


  1. Can't say I've tasted a cocktail like this one, I'm sure it's great - it certainly looks so.

    Happy Mardi Gras

    All the best Jan

    1. it's a close relative of the Bloody Mary -- when i order those in restaurants, i always request that they be made with gin, because the vegetable flavor is accented. :-)

  2. Happy Mardi Gras to all! In Russia people celebrate now similar festivity by eating a lot of crepes and pancakes, and drinking, of course. Both options are off books for me for better or for worse.

    1. thank you! :-) pancakes do seem to be one of the favorite ways to use up eggs before Lent.... as i have long looked at pancakes as a cheap way of feeding a lot of people, i find it curious that on a day of INDULGENCE, that was the best thing they could come up with!

    2. They consume crepes with caviar and an expensive fish like smoked salmon (salted herring is an economy version), and a lot of butter - it helps with the indulgence part.
      Crepes as wraps were used by me as the fall-back food when I was short on money. I wrapped into it ground beef/chopped eggs and cheese/ country cheese. Savory options are more popular in Russian traditional cooking than sweet ones, but there are crepe wraps with apples and sweet country cheese. I make a gluten-free version for my son sometimes - buckwheat crepes with prosciutto. It needs even more eggs to be hold together. I think a high quality wheat with a lot of gluten which allows to skip on eggs or use less eggs didn't contribute to the nutritional value of eating. Only the best wheat is used for pasta, but the same or even better result is achieved when plenty of eggs are mixed into the noddle dough. My noodle making days are left behind too.

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  4. Crepes / Pancakes are very popular, easy to make and with different varieties can make a great family occasion.

    All the best Jan