Wednesday, February 25, 2015

facebook is sometimes worthwhile

Amidst all the fatuous tripe, excess advertisements, changing "rules" and blatant disregard of our preferences, it's REALLY EASY to hate facebook.

Then there's the bad news and bad photos.  There's clueless people who think that because we have an interest in nutrition, we'll like the latest lying vegan propaganda they just heard. 

There are distant relations that one doesn't want to cut entirely, but who NEVER post anything rational.  There are friends-of-friends whom one wants to be nice to until they dig their own graves -- should I accept the friend-request or not?

But every once in a blue moon, it "pays for itself."  Every long while I actually LIKE it (pun intended).

Today was actually a two-fer!  First, a new and brilliant quote to steal (from Paleo Comfort Foods):

A calorie isn't always a calorie, but lots of calories are still lots of calories.

Does that not just express the situation elegantly? 

Next, an unlikely source presented a Huffington article to which I can respond, "AMEN."  For my dear unmet friends in the blogosphere, I offer you this:

...Even the gentlemen should find it amusing.  :-)


  1. A big YES to getting rid of the bitch-face after a certain age. Pretty young women might find it useful for avoiding constant unwanted attention, but unless one is famous, it's not needed later on. A woman wearing comes to look less like a haughty beauty queen and more like a crabby old bat.

    1. :-) I have to beware of the concentration-face, which tends to make me look bad-tempered.

    2. At least past a certain age, people don't say, "Smile!" God, I hated that. Anyone who did that to me now would get more than a bitch-face.

    3. NO KIDDING! oh, that's annoying....

  2. Me and Facebook aren't friends ..... I'll stick with blogging LOL

    All the best Jan

    1. there are times when i'm ready to dump FB, as it's more likely to be annoying or depressive than cheering.