Tuesday, January 6, 2015

counting my blessings

It's wise to sit down and think about the trouble we DON'T have, from time to time.

I have two dear friends with "hopeless" cancers, and i just read on Gwen's blog of an acquaintance of hers who was killed in an automobile incident.  Last night, J's brother phoned, and for the first couple of minutes i was concerned that he was calling to tell us that their mother was having health problems  -- she's not, but when they get to 89 (two years younger than MY mother), you start to expect the worst....

Despite my issues and history -- minor, in comparison with some! -- i'm damned lucky.  I have a roof and food, i'm as safe as anyone can expect to be, i have leisure and income enough to travel and do enjoyable things, i have mobility, loving friends and family, and all my senses.

..."Enjoying" a deep sense of humility right now....


  1. We never know what this life will throw at us and whatever happens we deal with it as best we can. For many some years seem to be better than others.

    However, there are times when we all need to quietly sit down and reflect on how good our life is and give those around us a big hug.

    Good post Tess, thanks.

    All the best Jan