Friday, January 16, 2015


Didn't i tell you i'd find KindleUnlimited dangerous?   ;-)  I expect i'll continue my membership past the free trial.

Learning that Gwen's fave, "The End of Overeating" was on the free list, i checked it out after i finished Dr. Feinman's book, "The World Turned Upside Down" (which i gave four stars -- some of his chapters just seemed like casual blog-posts, of lesser quality than others).

One thing i have to say -- i think we'll only "get out of this mess" if people can be educated to understand that TREATS ARE NOT FOOD.

Treats are food-like substances (FLSs) which can be eaten, but which are not truly nourishing.  Oh, you can live on them -- for awhile -- but they do not fulfill the function of true food in the body.  They do not provide all essential fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and whatever else is in food which science has not properly studied (and thus we don't really know about yet), in forms which are readily absorbed and assimilated.

The author seemed to be trying to describe FLSs in such a way that he'd cause his readers to crave the junk.  He dwelt on the qualities of his subjects like a right-wing-nutjob Pharisee describing pornography!  The longing and cultivated horror were absolutely palpable.

I was unmoved -- and why?  Because i know that my body does not consider them FOOD.  When i crave a comestible, it's usually a rare (even raw) piece of red meat, or it's liver, or raw oysters.  I occasionally have irresistible urges for hot drinks, which can be "innocently" satisfied by coffee or tea.

I believe that we can only break the spell of FLSs if we are nutrient-replete, and have convinced our subconscious minds that although we can consume them, they are not true foods.  They are treats, and their hyperpalatability DEFINES them as things that should not be considered "part of this nutritious breakfast" ... or any other meal.


  1. Treats are not food ....... and sometimes one treat doesn't hurt, or does it? What do you think?

    I can remember as a child Saturday morning treats were a small bag of sweets costing pennies which my parents would allow .... once they were gone they were gone. All too often now a 'treat' is an everyday occurrence.

    Whatever happened to eating good whole home cooked foods ?

    ........ anyway I'm still not into kindle - although I know many love it. Now where's my book LOL

    Have a great weekend

    All the best Jan

    1. i absolutely believe in treats! i just don't believe in eating them instead of meals every day, as the author of that book implied that some people do. His descriptions of some lavish restaurant dishes sounded like a biliousness-"attack on a plate" if i may highjack that infamous expression! :-D

  2. Treats are not food... indeed. I "used" this language in my head to justify binge eating for 40 years.

    Once I told myself that food was for fuel and I could eat within a food template to maintain weight and my health, then I had something solid.

    When I retire, I'll get unlimited Kindle.... LOL! Enjoy.

    1. retirement really ROCKS! :-D I hope you enjoy, too!

  3. I truly do find that, as I've improved my diet (hopefully replenishing those depleted nutrients), treats that I used to reward myself w/regularly (the DQ dip cone, the crispy chicken strips, etc - balancing things pretty evenly between sweet n' savory as I drove the gauntlet of,fast food joints along my route) no longer sound "good" to me...
    I'm no longer tormented by food obsessions as in the recent past.