Sunday, August 24, 2014

more jalapeño tidbits

While we were in Texas, our daughter made a snack (twice) that I liked immensely, and which had my husband delirious.  She got the recipe off Pinterest, which led back to an page, but of course I can't print as my own THAT version!  :-)

So i'm going to make a couple of minor changes then brag that they're a product of my own genius!  ...No, i'll just make a few comments and a few suggestions, and leave credit where it was earned.  :-)  First, I had commented recently that our "chocolate" peppers are doing well, and that we found the only one we've tasted very nice -- rich and a little smoky, and not very hot.  The label that came on the plant didn't elaborate as to exactly what KIND of chile it was, so I went googling....

There is a "chocolate" pepper which is a type of habanero, but this one isn't that.  Habaneros are HOT (and small), and this was just pleasantly warm.  The site leads me to believe that it's most likely a pasilla.  Poblanos also ripen to brown -- could be that, but it never went reddish.  No matter -- poblanos are lovely peppers -- if you get those, the dish will be delicious, too.

Although jalapeños are a terrific size for appetizers, making these in a larger size could convert them from snack to entrée, and for those of us who eat MEALS, that's a good thing.  Ergo, larger peppers done this way become a version of chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers) ... a wonderful dish!  All sorts of peppers exist in the world, sweet and spicy, and they can be filled with an infinite array of things -- WIN/WIN!  :-D


1# sausage -- breakfast-style, Italian, Andouille, chorizo -- whatever you like
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 cup grated cheese -- parmesan, Swiss, provolone, jack, cheddar....
1# large-ish fresh jalapeño peppers ... or whatever

Cut the stem-end off the peppers. halve them lengthwise, and remove the seeds.  Brown the sausage, add the cheeses and mix till homogenous.  Fill the peppers, then bake 20 minutes at 425F.



  1. I love stuffed peppers! Will make these soon!

  2. I was thinking what would be the best use for the cream cheese which was put in a freezer by mistake and became crumbly, when I came across you recipe. It is likely I will use it even sooner than Larcana. Probably, I will staff miniature bell peppers because even mild hotness could be problematic in my family.

    1. absolutely, miniature bell peppers will be delicious with this!

  3. Hi tess

    Sorry for being off topic, but I think your friends and readers would be very interested in this article.

    Kind regards Eddie

    1. that IS a good article! i posted a link on facebook....

  4. Hi Tess ......back on topic from me !

    Sounds a great recipe idea - just love peppers, however they are cooked.


    All the best Jan

    1. you two are welcome to be as off-topic as you want to be! :-)

  5. I can attest that this is an incredibly delicious and simple dish (I think even I could do it without fear of food poisoning). Be careful, it is easy to eat too many.