Wednesday, August 13, 2014

how to avoid going to hell ... ;-)

"I must keep in good health and not die," was the answer to this question, concluded by a young Jane Eyre.  Of course, the not-dying part can't be put off forever, but we all tend to try to avoid it as long as possible.

And what strategy do most Western people use, to accomplish this?  They follow the twentieth-century philosophy of giving lip-service to pyramid-style eating and pop-exercise, visiting their doctors often, and cooperating with the lab-testing agenda which we're told should CATCH DISEASE EARLY, so it can be successfully treated.  Unfortunately, those ideas are badly flawed.  Western medicine and nutrition are not designed to promote wellness, and by the time you've reached the disease-management stage one might say you've nearly lost the whole game.

A lot of us have discovered improved health through use of a low-carb and real-food diet.  Eliminating what we call the "neolithic agents of disease" (grains and legumes containing many anti-nutrients and problematic proteins, industrial seed-oils, and refined carbohydrates, among other things) has revealed to us HOW MANY of our ills are caused by common modern-day foodstuffs.  Observation of the rapidly proliferating "diseases of civilization" leaves many of us with no doubt that current dietary practices encourage if not CAUSE these problems.

"Real foods" nourish our bodies the way millions of years of evolution have proven to be successful.  Low-carbing provides fuel with minimal toxicity to those of us who may not thrive well on a glucose-based system, even if we don't present the extremes of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, or Alzheimers disease.

A new LC forum exists which is nominally for diabetes sufferers, but which i'm sure many of the rest of us will find valuable, too!  AVOIDING the glucose-disregulation illnesses so common today is a goal worth pursuing.  I look forward to many a useful discussion at !


  1. It looks like that going to your doctor often became a risk factor because it puts a patient into a danger of being prescribed statines and a diet based around whole grains. My mom wouldn't need her womb to be removed if she didn't went through diligent treatment for HPV. Her partner, probably , would not live till 82 if he agreed on the treatment for his not aggressive prostate cancer 15 years ago.

    1. I remember with amusement the story about a prolonged doctors' strike, during which the death-rate dropped significantly. no wonder, considering how often mistakes happen in hospitals!