Monday, February 11, 2013

hope there's some winter left

I really fell down on the job!  Around yule-tide, i meant to include the perfect cold-weather drink in my recipe collection, and i kept forgetting about it!  Could have been because my immersion blender was misbehaving, and that little tool is a wonderful aid in producing it; not letting others have a treat because it wouldn't be easy for me would be a little passive-aggressive, though....

Much of the English-speaking world has probably seen the cartoon Tom & Jerry, and that's the only T&J they're familiar with, but some years ago i came across the trail of what i suspect is The Original.  And all because i'm so fond of a good murder that one of my annual must-reads is "Murder for Christmas."  :-D  The collection includes a little gem by Damon Runyan called "Dancing Dan's Christmas" -- you can read it online here -- in which the tough guys are sitting around on Christmas eve getting mellow on Hot Tom & Jerry.  Well, OF COURSE i had to find the recipe and try it out!

And it turns out to be a Low-Carb Lush's dream!  Here's the modified version i love so much:


In a nice big mug, beat well with your immersion blender:
   one whole egg
Add and beat together:
   1/8 teaspoon each (ground) allspice, cinnamon and cloves
   about a packet of sucralose or stevia
   1/2 jigger brandy
   1 jigger dark rum
Stir in boiling water (or very hot coffee) to fill the mug, and taste for sweetness.  Grate a little nutmeg over the top.  YUMMMM.


  1. Replies
    1. no, the secret is the egg! beaten up like that and "cooked" with the hot liquid, you'd swear there was cream in it. on those weekend mornings that are cold and raw, this puts every other "indulgent" drink in the SHADE! :-) kahlua and coffee, plfffft!

      i read in an old cookbook once that if you're out of cream, a beaten egg in your morning coffee is a good substitute. the trick is in not ending up with something like scrambled egg in there -- the raw beaten egg needs to be quite fluffy, and the alcohol probably helps make the texture right.

  2. I don't know, this sounds awful, I guess I have just been thinking of coffee or beef broth as the liquid.

    1. ew, broth wouldn't suit this drink, but as i implied, if you have some coffee left over, this uses it up BEAUTIFULLY. ;-) wish i could make you one to prove it!

  3. okay, maybe I'll give it try this evening (:

    1. OMG, now i'm afraid you won't like it.... ;-)