Friday, December 14, 2012

another "duh" moment

My mood, energy and well-being vary significantly, depending on what i eat.  If i eat like "normal people" for awhile (i'm out of town, eating in restaurants a lot, snacking, or at the mercy of some other person's cooking), i lack vitality, i tire easily and take a long time to recover, and tend to be crankier.  Now, by most people's estimation, i'm STILL EATING LOW-CARB (under 100g/d), but far more than i'm used to ... and some of the food is FRIED.

AHAAA, shouts the mainstream, it's that high-fat diet!!!

NO.  It's that omega-6 overdose.  ...In ME, who has NO industrial-seed-oils in the house AT ALL.  Can you imagine the imbalance in those poor overweight devils who try to live on salad ... with commercial dressing?

In one of those blinding-light-on-the-road-to-Damascus moments, i "saw" last night that the reason i FEEL SO GOOD eating my at-home diet of grassfed/pastured meat and eggs is ... the additional omega-3s.  I take cod liver oil every day and eat salmon and sardines regularly, but obviously in my case more is better.  My thanks to Wooo and Sidereal for pointing out recently what a difference O3 makes to the brain.

It wouldn't be the first time....  I need to supplement all kinds of things that properly-functioning individuals safely assume they get from food.  Iron, B12, carnitine....

We're going out of town again as a Christmas treat -- the first vacation J and i have enjoyed ALONE together without him having any work duties, in over a decade.  I'll be eating out for over a week.  Tell ya what i'll also be doing -- loading up on fatty fish!  I considered leaving the CLO at home, but that ain't gonna happen now.  If i have to fill the hotel fridge with lox, i WILL do it!  ;-)


  1. Commercial salad dressing. Shudder!!! I'm more and more picky about the food I eat while traveling. I

    Enjoy your vacation and good for you for keeping healthy while relaxing.

    1. yeah, really -- when i first discovered paleo and started looking at what kinds of fats i was using ... EEEEWWWW. :-)

      thank you! i hope you enjoy the holidays, too!

  2. I think you are so RIGHT ON with this Tess. I "splurged" on Friday and I ate the fish & chips at work...everyone else says, "ohhh these are so fattening because they're deep fried", they're fattening and make me feel like crap because they're breaded with wheat and fried in VEGETABLE one gets that, but my body knows. I felt crappy almost immediately after eating (slow, achey, dull-thick headed, etc.)
    Vegetable oil hang-over! Some "splurge" huh?

  3. yes. :-( it's a happy day when a restaurant has a side-dish that looks like it'll be free of the bad stuff!

  4. Hey, after yrs of eating soupy creamed cauliflower, I finally did the smart thing and let it dry out in a low heated sauce pan . The difference was encredible. Just that short step made them taste so much more spud like, I may go on a potato diet , only use the cauly, sour cream, bacon, smoked gouda type of potato!

  5. to me that sounds like a very good idea. :-)

    the trick to making mashed cauliflower that isn't like soup, though, -- steam it tender, cut the stemmy parts off and chop fine in the food processor, then put in the "flowers" and just pulse a couple of times. melt some cream cheese, butter and desired seasoning in a saucepan and when it's good and hot, fold in the vegetable.