Monday, November 2, 2015

odd realization

It occurs to me that my increasing appetite for mineral water this year was a marker for my diminishing magnesium supplies -- perhaps my body sensed that drinking San Pellegrino was a very pleasant way to get the mineral i needed?

Funny, i don't tend to crave chocolate as some people do, ostensibly when they need a magnesium boost.  Nor do i often get a yen for nuts and seeds, although the salt on them DEFINITELY calls my name (mmm, Penzey's grey sea-salt!).  At one time when i was doing Atkins pretty strictly, i experienced some cravings for greens, but it's been a long time since i had that urge.  Our bodies' intelligence about nutrition seems to evolve as our experiences change.

But a few days ago, when i was taking at least double the RDA of magnesium by way of experimentation, i lost my interest in mineral water.  Yesterday, after a decadent brunch at the Tower Grove Park's lovely Piper Palm House, and a lively hour of housework, i sat down to a big bottle of SP on our new patio ... and then i had a bath ... and then i sat down and demolished ANOTHER bottle....

It may be hypothesized that when i stopped losing excess water via stool, i had less NEED of water in general, but it's not that i DRANK LESS, rather that i drank less mineral water specifically.  It must also be noted that with the cooling weather, i'm also drinking more coffee (decaf), which is also a magnesium source.  Definitely confounders!

There are cravings we should obey, and those we shouldn't -- when it comes to foodstuffs with a minimal down-side, like a juicy ribeye, cooked greens dripping with garlic-butter, or a good mineral water, i think we're the loser if we say no!


  1. The same thing happened to me last year when I got low on potassium: I stopped at a wine bar for a cured meat plate and a big bottle of mineral water. All I knew at the time was that I was about to collapse and that meal sounded good.

    1. :-) our bodies are marvelous things, with fascinating and surprising responses sometimes!

      reading up on Mg, i found it interesting how this one mineral exerts so much influence over how we handle many others, potassium included!