Monday, October 19, 2015

consider it "pumpkin juice for adults" :-D

J discovered a delicious recipe for sangria not long ago, made with strawberries and Campari added to lambrusco wine -- we ended up using a basic dry red, as the bubbly stuff was sorta lost in the mixture.  Yum!

Well, being my favorite time of the year now -- autumn -- it occurred to me that a slightly altered version might be very seasonal ... at very least in COLOR!


1/2 medium papaya, about 1 c. puree
15 drops liquid sucralose or 2/3 c. bulk splenda
1 t. coarse sea salt
3/4 c. Aperol
1 qt/litre dry white wine

Blend all together thoroughly, and serve on the rocks ... or maybe use frozen blackberries for a seasonal color look.  I actually added a few drops of Holy Trinity Bitters, but i think a couple of drops of tabasco or a small sprinkle of cayenne would make a good replacement.

It's a beautiful shade or orange, inspiring the description i offered in today's blog-title.  :-D  Happy October!


  1. Hey now Tess - that looks pretty cool, and so good for this time of year.
    Pumpkin juice for adults, and the glasses too) PERFECT !

    Many Happy October Wishes

    All the best Jan

    1. i'm so sorry i failed to reply before! thanks for your kind comments always, and warmest regards, Jan!