Tuesday, June 23, 2015

move over, fat-bombs!

...Cuz I made a batch of something yesterday that outclasses you like a big dog.  ;-)

Not that I actually INVENTED it;  Wooo has spoken for a long time about her inositol candy.  I merely interpreted it my way.

Decades and decades ago, back when Scouts sold their own home-confected goodies to raise money for their troops, I was making cream-cheese-based mints by the hundreds.  Our leader had bought sheets of proto-silicone molds (rubber? plastic?) shaped like roses and leaves, cut them into individual bits and gave us one of each.  We were given the recipe and some basic instructions, and turned loose.

I might have made some after my Girl Scout years -- I don't remember clearly -- but I certainly didn't make any during the low-fat era, nor when fat became exonerated and sugar vilified.  Once I experimented with sucralose in place of the original powdered sugar, but it was a spectacular failure.

Fast forward to the past winter when I decided to experiment with inositol.  And what does powdered inositol closely resemble in both texture and taste?  You guessed it!

I tried it:  softened some cream cheese, measured some powder and flavoring, beat them together, and tasted.  Eh, not quite.  Added a little powdered erythritol and tasted again.  STILL not quite.  Added a little melted butter and it seemed pretty close.  Made a ball of it and put it in the fridge to firm up.  Tasted again today.  Not bad at all.

Now I just need to find those molds -- I know they're here someplace!


2 oz. softened cream cheese
1 c. inositol powder
1/4 t. extract-type flavoring
2 T. powdered erythritol
1 T. salted butter, melted

Beat together, add a drop of coloring if you so desire.  Form with molds or create little patties or balls -- the mixture has a texture reminiscent of PlayDoh.  :-)  I used lemon extract because that's what I have that sounded best;  I used to be very partial to wintergreen flavoring when I first used to make these things, so when I next visit the grocer I think i'll get some of that and also some peppermint. 

One of the tedious things about taking supplements is usually swallowing all the damn pills, so this makes a pleasant change.  A piece of it after dinner will probably make for a nice light dessert.

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